Security Guard & Private Investgations
Armed Guards

Fully licensed and armed security officer to patrol, observe and protect a job site.

Regularly monitor alarms and inspect security systems and other equipment to detect signs of tempering.

Report any disturbances and safety issues to the client, CPS’s Dispatch Center, CPS Field Supervisor and/or police immediately to ensure

Provide detailed reports to client, on a daily basis, to account for any issues, concerns or activities observed.
Unarmed Guards

Patrol job site to observe and report any disturbances, vandalism, and general safety issues.

Check and verify alarm activities to increase police response.

Provide comprehensive reports, such as the General Activity Logs (GAL) or Incident Reports, to document what was observed or encountered during their shift.

Communicate unusual activity to the client, CPS’s Dispatch Center, CPS field management and/or police authorities as instructed in the post orders.

Patrol Guards

Follows directives provided by client, to patrol job site via mobile and foot patrol.

Reports and confirms alarms on a site if applicable.

Accounts for all activity, safety issues, open gates, etc on GAL.

Immediately contacts authorities, client or CPS Dispatch Center to report any emergencies or trespassing.

Commercial Guards

Professionally trained, fully certified, security officers that will monitor your property or business.

Add high-tech optional upgrades, such as GPS-enabled monitoring and tracking, for increased protection.

Reports activity, or concerns, to the client, CPS Dispatch Center or local authorities, per client’s directives.

Provide a daily detailed report (GAL) of all issues or activities viewed on site.
Construction Guards

On-site security officer on job site.

Specialized technology and alarm equipment enables officer to efficiently oversee large areas from a single command post.

General Activity Logs (GAL) are provided to client that includes activity or safety concerns.

Immediately contacts the appropriate authorities of any intrusions, alarms or emergencies that occur on site.